Projected Dreams is a charming jigsaw puzzle game with an emphasis on a casual and stress-free gaming experience.

(Currently in development. Wishlist on Steam below)


Solve puzzles in multiple ways

Rotate, place, and stack objects on a table in order to recreate a given shadow silhouette on the wall through shadow play. 

Collect popular 80s & 90s toys

Experience a sense of childhood nostalgia by collecting popular toys from the early 2000s and using them to build new toys that will help you in future levels.
Experiene a heartfelt story

Join Senka on her journey and experience a heartwarming story about buzzing summer nights, the importance of friendship, and bittersweet goodbyes.
Explore atmospheric settings

Experience an ever-changing room as you progress through Senka’s story and find new peculiarities while listening to relaxing soundtracks composed by Floris Demandt.


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